How much does the Pet CPR & First Aid class cost?
Aren't there less expensive Pet CPR & First Aid Trainings out there?

The short answer is Yes, there are less expensive trainings out there, and
First Aid For Your Pets tuition for the 8-hour PetSaver is $125!

If you merely want to watch an online training/DVD, spend a few hours being lectured to, and at the end go home with your the certificate of training, maybe those cheaper and shorter trainings are the best fit for you!

If you are interested in learning the most information that you possibly can, in order to possibly prevent an emergency with your pet from happening in the first place, you are in the right place.

If you are interested in being able to "just ACT" and immediately be able to recall the skills in an emergency when time is of the essence to save your pet
because of the HANDS-ON skills our Pet Tech Seminar gives you,
then you are in the right place.

But most importantly... if you want a PetSaver taught by a team of dedicated and professional Instructors, who are the longest standing active Pet CPR & First Aid Master Instructor Team in the Florida area, that INCLUDES an 8.5 x 11 Professional Certificate, complimentary water/snacks and a whole lot of fun and humor...
then you are definitely in the right place and need to register today!

The cost of an emergency veterinary exam begins at $100...

The cost of emergency CPR at a veterinarian's office begins at about $500...

The cost of knowing how to either PREVENT that emergency from ever happening or knowing how to save your pet when they need you most... PRICELESS!

Where are your seminars held?

Our Home Base area is West Palm Beach- we have and will travel across the United States, but we do have a student minimum depending on how far we need to travel!

Why is the class so much longer than other Pet CPR & First Aid Seminars I have found?

The simple answer: The class is longer because we teach you more, a lot more

Our PetSaver Seminar is 8 hours long, but honestly, when it is something that you're passionate and curious about - it will FLY by!  Many testimonials to prove it! We not only cover Dog & Cat CPR, but we also cover all of the following:

Caring For Your Senior Pet-izen™
Snout-To-Tail™ Assessment
Restraint & Muzzling Techniques for Safety in an Emergency
Primary Pet Assessment
Canine & Feline CPR
Rescue Breathing
Choking Management
Bleeding & Shock Management
Insect Bites & Stings
Heat & Cold Injuries (Including Heat Stroke & Burns)
Pet First Aid Kit Contents
Assessing Your Pet's Vitals
Dental Care for your Pet-izen™
and so much more!

Obviously, this would be hard to cram into a 4 hour class and give you the amount of information on each topic that we feel is adequate! We do adjust our outline and topic coverage in the interest of time for some staff trainings that we have, but in most all other circumstances, people want all of the information that they can get! We are flexible, in some cases, so if you are interested in other options, please let us know so that if we can find a way to accomodate you, we will!

Will you travel to my location?

Absolutely! First Aid For Your Pet classes are completely portable! If you have 6 or more people interested (friends, family, rescue group, or staff) and either have or know of a suitable location to teach in, we would love to come out to you! Please email us with all the details and your questions so we can get you on our schedule!

Will I be Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid?

You WILL receive a Certificate of Training at the end of your training which you can proudly display to all your friends, family, clients and customers. It shows you took a step above and beyond the rest to know everything you could to prevent emergencies for your pets and when an emergency happens, YOU will be prepared to help!

Despite what other companies may be saying, there is no "certification" in Pet CPR & First Aid! Honestly, there is no certifying "body" for you to be certified through for Pet CPR & First Aid, therefore no "certification." ARC and AHA and many other groups have moved away from using away from using the word "certified" due to liability reasons unfortunately because you will never be able to "certify" how a person may or may not act in an emergency situation!

Can I bring my pet to the seminar?

Although we would love to know who your pets are that you want to save, we have found that it is better for everyone that pets do not attend the seminar with you. We find that people are better able to focus with less distractions and worry about their pet and/or other people's pets.

Can children attend the seminar?
What is the age range of the students?

Every student is different, but on average girls as young as 10-12 years old and boys as young as 12-14 years old do really well in our seminars! Maturity and attention span are obviously factors for everyone and need to be considered by the student and the parent for an 8 hour class with several breaks and a 30 minute lunch. We can do a shorter seminar on Hiking & Walking With Your Pets for your child's boy or girl scout troop and we even let them name their demo dog!

We also teach our senior citizens too! There is no age limit for learning!

Is the classroom and class accessible to handicap individuals?

Yes absolutely! Everyone is different and we are more than happy to adjust the skills when possible to give everyone the chance to practice the skills of the seminar to the best of their abilities! Please contact us with details of any concerns you may have and whenever possible, we will be more than happy to adjust the program to work for you!


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