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We go over MUCH more items in our Seminars
(including a list of over 40 things!) and
explain HOW you can use some of these things,
but we wanted to give you some ideas to get started!

Must Haves!

Emergency Muzzle for Safety
Digital Thermometer
Sterile Lubricant or Petroleum Jelly for thermometer
Adhesive Tape or Elastikon (which sticks to fur better!)
Sterile Guaze Pads (3 or 4 inch)
Guaze Rolls (2 in for small pets, 3 or 4 in for large dogs)
Bandage Scissors (blunt end)
Tweezers or Hemostats
Antihistamine (Attend a Seminar for dosage instructions and a great tip for hikers or dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors with their owners!)
Triple Antibiotic Ointment (not for use on cats!)
Instant Chemical Ice Pack
Small Flashlight
3% Hydrogen Peroxide
         (Attend the next Seminar to find out why!) ;o)

First Aid Kit